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It was a pleasant spring afternoon in May. In a quiet suburb away from the centre of London we interviewed singer-songwriter Nadine Wild Palmer about her many creative endeavours.

First off could you please tell us about your musical/artistic activities and history, and the reason behind them.
I have always sung, my mother says that the neighbours used to comment on me singing in the back garden from a very young age. I have sung in choirs, on my own as a soloist and even now, at family get togethers we often find ourselves gathered around the piano.

Music has always been a big part of how I express myself. Speaking candidly, I am an energetic soul and as well as being physically active and needing to keep myself busy, music has allowed me not only to share how I am feeling but to make a connection with other souls. It is, dare I say it, my direct line to the universe....

What type of things are you up to at the moment in your work?

Right now I am returning to a body of work I did last year with guitarist and musical director Jim Dobson. I have always wanted to write an album, I have a vast backlog of songs but getting them to marry and become part of a greater piece of music, a collection, an album is very difficult. I am extremely picky about lyrics and have been known to ponder over one word for weeks and suddenly change it when I get into the studio. We finished all of the guide tracks for the album in the summer but both of us got involved in other projects(Jim was whisked away by Grace Jones.) Although retrospectively I am very glad for the distance from it as I needed some time for it to mature. So that’s my big project this year. You will be the first to hear this but I am also going to release a single every month of this year, mainly voice and acoustic guitar or piano. So hopefully by the end of 2017 I will have 2 albums worth of work!

Are there any artists, musicians or designers etc. that have influenced you?
Probably too many to mention, I can't remember which philosopher said it off the top of my head but 'every idea is followed from a previous impression', So I guess I am being influenced all of the time. But for me consciously speaking, I'd have to say the oldies are goodies: Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Curtis mayfield, Roberta flack, Joni mitchell, John Martyn.... The list is endless...I love Amy Winehouse too and Solange Knowles is my go-to album at the moment. Debussy 'Claire de lune' is always the first track when I go for an outdoor run though...
As for couture, I love Chanel And Dolce & Gabbana and why not throw in Vivienne Westwood for good measure. I have a lot of coats...I love wearing all black with statement coats or accessories and have about 30 pairs of sunglasses in my collection, which, is still growing...I have just invested in a floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe which takes up the whole back wall of my room. A walk-in wardrobe is one of my life goals!
You create a lot of original songs, is there anything in particular that you sing about a lot?
To be honest I sing from the gut. I sing about what I feel; dismantle those feelings through words and sound and put them back together as a fractured whole. All of us are little experiments. Songs are like that too. Sometimes they come together and express some universal truth. Other times, they exist only in that moment and only exist because you let them. We have a lot more control than we think we do!

When we did the photoshoot you improvised a song for us, what inspiration do you usually use when creating songs?
In those situations it’s my surroundings and the people around me, pick on something and go with it. I felt very relaxed around you guys so it was easy to let go and just perform. This is a huge part of my job as a Singer - Songwriter, to be able to let things pass through me, improvisation is a tool. It can land you miles away from where you started, so I guess I am the vehicle, and you can come along on the journey, or not, and if a song is good you can even just join in at the end of the process when there is a finished product.

It looks like you have many notebooks filled with inspired words, what kind of process do you go through when creating a new song?

That's a tough one! It changes, I do write an awful lot and I always have. I’ve written reams of poetry and this is great training for songwriting although I didn’t know it when I started! I wrote my first anthology when I was in infant school, illustrated it and everything! I was a very slow reader and I am dyslexic so I think poetry was a great way of getting to the heart of a topic using concise words loaded with meaning. It’s hard to write with substance in a small amount of words. This is my joy, something that fascinates me. How can I communicate something with detail and that strikes the heart simultaneously with a small ration of words at my disposal? It’s a wonderful challenge! One of my favorite poems of all time is Derek Walcott's Midsummer (the title poem of one of his anthologies.) He takes me to a time and a place I have never actually been and yet it’s so visceral I can taste the feeling he creates on my tongue. Genius.

You live in a lovely house with a big garden in the suburbs of London, does the environment you live in affect your music? What do you think about where you are living right now?
Absolutely! I need as much quiet as I do noise and I am greatly affected by what's around me visually too. Since you visited I have knocked down sheds, thrown away huge amounts of clothes and tidied just about everything away. I now have an office I work out of and the garden is very clear and peaceful. I like to hear the sound of space not the shouting of clutter, otherwise I get nothing done. I also count my blessings everyday that I am in a situation where I am able to be in control of my own schedule and work. I am truly blessed!

How is the UK music scene and UK culture at the moment?
It's like a garden in spring. It sometimes looks quite desolate and unwelcoming but then suddenly you'll spot a daffodil breaking through the mud, or a snow drop shaking out there in the wild overgrown foggy landscape. There's hope. The way we make, buy, consume, perform and distribute music among other things has drastically changed in the past 20 years - I think we need to give ourselves a moment to reflect. There's a lot of grumbling about the current state of play but that's probably because we are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choice and variety....but what it all boils down to is the way you want to look at it...either you can choose to say everything in the garden is dead and dying or you can go out and look around, see what is there, water it and plant your own seeds. I'm all about nurture. Sometimes what looks like a weed turns out to be a flower...let's see what grows, yeah?

What do you think about Brexit? Has it affected your life in anyway?
Massively. A friend and I started a passport cover company to remind people that we are all just made of stardust in the end and that the boundaries we experience are often man made. We are trying to develop a global community that focuses on humanity and love. The company is called The Children of Stars and I started it with designer Sian Tomlison it features this poem which I wrote and she edited! From every sale we donate £3.00 to The Worldwide Tribe organisation.
Do you have any moments of realisation, inspiration etc. when you create? If so what kind of moments are these?
Eureka! That works!!! Moments of high fiving, I work with an amazing company 101 BPM Ltd run by a super producer LJ Looper, we often have moments of clarity that strike from out of nowhere like lightning. It's a strange occurrence. But when it happens you just know and LJ will know it too. And you’ll be like “wow, what was that” but to put it into words, I guess it's the same in any industry, it just “clicks”... like when you're running and you hit breaking point and you want to stop but you don’t then suddenly you’re in the zone, in your stride and everything else disappears!

Where is your favourite place in the UK?
That's really tough. That's a nature vs Industry question and I love both. So I'll say Wales, for the coastline and the landscape. I went there with my family every Summer when I was growing up, we would go camping and I was given a lot of freedom to wander the sand dunes and rock pools in contemplation - I have always felt safe there.
What is your idea of paradise?
Time...A beach hut on a tropical island with a guitar and piano, laughing into balmy nights with good food and a nice wine. Waking up when I'm ready and dressing in wafting kaftans with huge vintage glasses and oversized hats. Reading myself to sleep with the poems of Derek Walcott and floating with the fishes, and star gazing on hilltops. I guess in the end, we all long for a life of ease...this is a little window into mine!
If you were to take a trip where would you go?
Believe it or not, Japan. I'd love to have the time and the money to do this and I'm pretty sure I'll find a way! Otherwise...the Amazon rainforest!
What is your idea of adventure?
Jumping off, out or into things. Be it the sea, my work or a dinner! I find a little bit of magic in a lot of what's around, guess I'm lucky that way.

Based in her home with a beautiful back garden, Nadine’s soulful voice and improv singing bring those around her together. Her creative journey has only just begun as she continues to push her limits and attempt new challenges.









衝撃でした。その影響で、友人と一緒にThe Children of the Starsというパスポートカバーの会社を立ち上げました。私たち人間はみんな、結局単なる星屑でできていて、私たちが経験する境界線は主に人間が作ったものだということを、世の人々に改めて気づいて欲しかったんです。会社の趣旨は人情と愛を大事にするグローバルコミュニティーを作ることです。一緒に起業した友人のシアン・トムリソンさんが編集してくれた私の詩が、パスポートカバーに印字されています。一点の売上ごとに3ポンドをThe Worldwide Tribeというチャリティーに寄付することにしています。
やった!これだ!っとハイタッチする瞬間です。最高のプロデューサーのLJ Looperが営業している101 BPM Ltdという素晴らしい会社と関わっているんですがそういう瞬間が急に雷のように起こるんです。不思議です。だけど起こる時は私もLJもお互いわかるんです。「なんだったあれは?」みたいな。他の業界もそうだと思いますがピンとくる瞬間です。走ることに例えるとランナーズハイに似ています。限界に来てやめたくなっても走り続けると、調子良く、難なく走れるようになります。完全集中。そんな感じです。

それは本当に難しい質問ですね。 まあ、海岸と風景が好きなのでウェールズにしましょう。子供の頃は家族で毎年キャンプに行って、砂丘や潮溜りで好きなように遊び回っていました。いつでも安心できる場所なんです。


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