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A column series featuring artists, photographers and poets from hubs of community culture around the world; San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, Mexico City, and more.
Our first article is from the mecca of beat generation culture - San Francisco.

When I was a boy there was a rumour that if you rode the train 120 times around the Yamanote loop line in Tokyo you would reach America. When in fact, all you actually do is ride a plane for 10 hours to the east. I arrived in San Francisco, home to beaches and steep hills. Life is lit with you!
The bay area is currently enjoying its 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. The town is filled with images of hippy life on billboards and buses while cultural centers like museums and concert halls are trying their best to recreate the experience of the late 1960s.

Artist Kori Girard, working in his studio in Berkeley.

Artist Yukako Ezoe, weaving a dream catcher in the window display of EDO hair salon.
Ryoji Kajikawa cooking with a wood oven made of bricks and his assistant Tada Furui. Lawrence Rinder, director of Berkeley Art Museum, who organised the party.

I found out at the Berkeley Art Museum that the recycling logo of three arrows in a circle ♻️ was created in California just after the summer of love in 1970. Our culture must essentially revise and modify what we have learned and experienced to guide the next generations.

The woman who started community murals in the 70s, Susan Cervantes, giving a tour with commentary of murals she organised.

Yarrow Slaps holding the art book he edited, SWIM, in LuggageStoreGallery which he helps to run.
Interior designer Roxy Parra in her beautifully decorated living room.

Digital artists Ray Mclure building a Javascript synthesiser in his office. He has also developed the VR project VVVR.

I go out to see friends. I long for today to never end because there are chances left for me to feel saved and loved, in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Machines are at construction sites. They are repairing worn roads and buildings in cubicles. Noise and silence are woven into the grid system. We know time will never turn back. There is blue at the end of the street where it reaches to the beach. You answered to the call. Endless discussions on evolution and meetings, we touch across boundaries.

Tyson Vogel of DEVOTIONALS playing guitar at the long-standing live music club BIMBOS in San Francisco.

Nic Cotturi proprietor of Sonoma MTN Winery sits in front of his wine cellar. His Merlot is an excellent organic wine.
Business woman Marta Mattina sits on a stool in the thick grass in spring. Her product is Calma Divina.

Gallerist Cléa Massiani next to the artwork at her gallery Bass and Reiner, Art Slaon : minnesota street project.

I see the future in your eyes. “I’ll see you again soon”

Written by:

Naoki Onodera

After graduating from Meiji University and working for Nikkei Inc. moved to San Francisco alone in 2004.
Devotes his time to artistic activities such as painting, photography, essays and mathematics, whilst working at the De Young/Legion of Honor Art Museum. Life is a performance act, so to speak.



アーティストのKori Girardさん。バークレーにある彼のアトリエで作品を製作中。

EDOヘアサロンのウィンドウディスプレイにドリームキャッチャーを編む、アーティストのYukako Ezoeさん。
煉瓦造りのウッドオーブンで手料理を振るうRyoji KajikawaさんとアシスタントのTada Furuiさん。パーティーの主催者でバークレー美術館の館長Lawrence Rinderさん。

バークレー美術館を訪ねて知ったことは、リサイクリングの三つの矢印が周り巡って、その循環を示すロゴ♻️はサマーオブラブ直後の1970年にカリフォルニアで生まれた。 学んだことや体験を造り変えて後の世へと伝えることは、私たちの本質的な営みのようだ。

1970年代にコミュニティーミューラルを始めたSusan Cervantesさん。制作をリードした壁画の説明をツアーして回る。

編集を担当したアート本SWIMを手に、アーティストのYarrow Slapsさん。運営を手伝うLuggage Store Galleryにて。
インテリアデザイナーのRoxy Parraさん。綺麗にデコレーションされた彼女のリビングルーム。

オフィスでジャヴァスクリプトのシンセサイザーを構築するデジタルアーティストのRay Mclureさん。彼のVRプロジェクトVVVRも必見。

外に出れば誰かがいてくれる 妙な安心感とファンタスティックを実感する時間を求めて、朝も昼も夜も、そして1日が終わってほしくない。デカルトの平面座標をもとに区切られたキュービクルの中、とめどなく老朽していく路面や建物をマシーンが改修している。喧騒と清閑が織り合わさる空間では、日常が刻々と過去に別れを告げる。いつも通る道は海へと続いていて先が青い。電話をかけると君は答える。進化についての止まない議論、出会いを繰り返し、お互いの境界線を超えて触れ合う。

サンフランシスコの老舗ライブハウスBIMBOSにて、ギターを演奏するDEVOTIONALSのTyson Vogelさん。

酒蔵の前、Sonoma MTN Wineryを経営するNic Cotturiさん。彼のメルローは絶品のオルガニックワイン。
初夏、生い茂る草の中、スツールに腰をかける実業家のマルタ・マティナさん。彼女のプロダクトはCalma Divina。

展示された作品を横に、ギャラリストのCléa Massianiさん。彼女のギャラリーBass and Reinerはこの街では評判のminnesota street projectの中。

「 それでは、また、近いうちにお会いしましょう。」

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