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To start off with, could you tell us a little about your career as an artist.
I was really lucky to get started about ten years ago working for some small companies I had befriended: a techno label called keinemusik and one of the first blogs on art and design called ignant. That turned out to be very successful which helped me with the first big steps.
Meanwhile I designed a deck of cards that got some attention and that got the ball rolling - and it still continues to roll now. It's fun! And that is what makes it work I think. I don't put too much pressure on it but at the same time I love to work really hard from time to time.

You use a lot of different motifs in your work, where do you usually get your inspiration from?
From people and the feelings and especially the humor between them in certain situations that I see by watching or listening to strangers on the street, reading newspaper articles or even from cheap celebrity news.
In abstract motifs I concentrate on the mix and relation of colors and the tension between different forms and textures.

What kind of work do you mainly do?
Illustrations - mainly for newspapers, music labels or in collaboration with fashion brands. Sometimes I sell personal drawings, but more on a private basis rather than in galleries.

What artists and designers have influenced you?
I'm doing pretty well by trying to mainly ignore today's artists and illustrators. Not because I’m not interested but especially since the social media takeover I feel overwhelmed with the extremely big talent and potential of so many creative people - or even makes me insecure. I once found a box with many art history books and look through them whenever I need inspiration. Also, I love going to museums and galleries whenever I am traveling.
In the age where media on SNS is prevalent, are you particular about what media you release your work on? Are you particular about using print media?
I love all kinds of media, even video and animation. I studied visual communication, which means I learned every medium a little bit and nothing for real, haha. But that way it never gets boring. Print, of course, will always be front row because in today's world it's just too good to have something non digital in your hands.

Here at NEW. we commissioned a case design from you for our optical line FEW. Could you tell us about how you came up with the design?
The idea sounds a bit dull haha, but when you asked me about designing a case for glasses I immediately thought of the the nice abstract pictures I looked at at the doctor's to test my eyes. The ones where you are supposed to see a number. They look like little watercolour dots. What my artwork turned out to be is like a zoom within that dot pattern.

The case design is very abstract, what kind of impression do you want to express with it to those who own the case?
How beautiful it is to be able to see colors, forms and textures.
Aside from graphic work, are you interested in doing product or installation works also?
Definitely. The more media, the better!

What’s special about Berlin?
The possibilities! Regarding everything really: getting to places fast even though the city is big, renting spaces (although we all know that's about to disappear), affording a good life with little money, going to the countryside and even the ocean in a few hours to name a few.
Also the appreciation of creativity is huge and a lot of creative brands, exhibitions, fairs and festivals are happening here. It never gets boring. This of course is attractive to many people and the city doesn't stop growing. I am a bit afraid Berlin is going to lose it's laid back style that I already miss from my childhood days.

Lastly, what do you think the future of the Berlin art scene is?
I have no clue, since I just do my own little thing on the edge of the pool. I know it's gotten a lot more professional, international and fancy in the past years but I hope there will still be a place for little galleries, creative communities and hedonists that don't care too much about money.








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